CPAP Clinic

Roy Sleep Medicine has an on-site CPAP Clinic for fitting patients of all ages with devices that effectively treat their sleep apnea. A CPAP (or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device is used during sleep that blows air at a set pressure to keep your upper airway open. It eliminates snoring and allows patients with sleep apnea to sleep with far fewer interruptions. Our specialized CPAP Clinic utilizes trained, compassionate, dedicated staff members who work closely with you to satisfy your CPAP needs.


For optimal patient convenience, our CPAP Clinic is located in the same office as Dr. Roy’s practice, so you can easily get fitted for your CPAP without extra travel.  If you have any problems with your CPAP, just call the CPAP Clinic to schedule a visit. Your visits to the CPAP clinic are free of charge and we can frequently provide you an appointment in less than 24 hours.  In addition, Dr. Roy and his medical staff are on-site so they can quickly answer questions that you may have. The result is continuity-of-care and higher patient satisfaction.


caringDr. Roy understands the importance of receiving new CPAP supplies to treat your sleep apnea and we can provide all the CPAP supplies you need, adhering to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine standard of care. Often, with one simple phone call or a couple of clicks on your computer, we can arrange to mail your supplies to you at no additional cost to you! Even if your CPAP needs to be repaired or replaced, just make an appointment to see us!


Roy Sleep Medicine provides all of the services you need for diagnosis and treatment of your sleep disorder, not just sleep apnea. Our CPAP Clinic is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care, treatment and ongoing support you need to overcome sleep apnea.