Sleep and Your Weight

weightWeight gain usually leads to lousy sleep, which results in  people feeling sleepy and fatigued during the day.  Sleepiness  and fatigue often prevents people from wanting to exercise,  which leads to more weight gain.  

Several studies have suggested that people who have poor sleep habits or who don’t get enough sleep at night are at greater risk for becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes. This could be because poor or inadequate sleep directly interferes with the body’s ability to process carbohydrates, leading to weight gain.

Some experts believe that even a modest 7 pound weight gain may result in a 30% increase in risk of sleep apnea. Something is needed to break the cycle.    That’s where Roy Sleep Medicine comes into play.

We all know that weight loss is difficult. No doubt about it. However Dr. Roy focuses not just on the sleep disorder, but long-term care. Dietitians are available for consultation as needed. Psychologists are available to discuss your sleep hygiene and any other related issues. Dr. Roy oversees these disciplines and provides feedback as you journey towards improved overall quality of life.